Grover Tailors a reputed tailor house in India deals with best custom tailors for gents and ladies

Grover Tailors: The Custom Tailors for Men & Women, Delhi, India

A premium Clothing & Tailoring store for Gent’s and Ladies have varieties of latest design

Grover is synonymous with all things classy and sophisticated with its offering of clothing range that is simply class-apart. Refined tastes make for the core of this suiting and tailoring legend.

Established in the year 1962, Grover has nearly five decades of experience of dressing with finesse to its credit. A Brainchild of RS Grover, this tailoring house changed the face of fine clothing. The reigns of the brand were taken over by O. P. Grover and then eventually by Yogesh Grover (Bobby Grover), who took the legacy several miles forward. Today, Grover is a complete brand in itself that personifies class & Style.

Specializing in formal wear for both men & women, Grover offers all that you need to make your presence felt at a formal do. Whether it is a corporate luncheon or a business seminar, Grover is sure to dress you perfectly for all occasions. Business suits, club wear and fine tuxedos are some key offerings. You could also find a wide range of Casual Jackets and Sports Jackets at Grover’s Tailors. Hand Crafted Kashmiri Pashmina Jackets are a specialty of this Tailoring House.

For those who do not prefer to pick from ready ½ to ½ wear collections, Grover is the perfect place to be. With custom tailoring being the forte of the clothing house, you can suit your niche requirement just well. And what’s more? They can ready urgent orders at as short a notice of just 12-24 hours.

When the raw material itself is imported from International Tailoring Czars like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, Leggino, Cerruti, you can expect the results to be nothing short of brilliant.

Fabrics like handloom Silks, Cottons, Linens, Cashmere and Merino Wools are handpicked to make the outfits utterly luxurious. Quality of Fibre includes right from Super 120’s until Super 180’s Wool & Cashmere.

Superior quality combined with excellent craftsmanship & fantastic detailing- these are the key ingredients to Grover’s recipe of success. Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that Grover caters to International bigwigs and the clientele boasts of some top notch celebrities of the likes of Clinton’s, Bush & Delegation, and Cherie Blair and also includes Diplomats, Ambassadors, Bureaucrats and Elites cutting across various social circles. If opulence and sophistication is your style of dressing, then Grover is your destination.

We are the ONLY ONE IN INDIA who have the Honor and Privilege of serving world’s Top Most clients including the -

  • PRESIDENT BUSH and Delegation.
  • Mr. PASCAL LAMI, Director W.T.O. and Many more to follow

We are equally popular with the-

  • It is worthwhile to mention that we have NO OTHER BRANCH.

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